Four Signs You Need a New Exhaust


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Your car’s exhaust is a crucial part of the engineering of your vehicle which does much more than simply spit out fumes from your engine. Exhaust systems also improve the performance of your car, help to increase fuel efficiency and reduce noise emissions. The exhaust system is complex and can deteriorate if left when in need of repairs, so it’s essential that you understand when something is not quite right.


The first signs that something might be amiss with your exhaust is noise coming from the back of your car. If you’ve noticed a roaring, hissing or rattling sound coming from your exhaust system as you drive then there’s certainly something to be concerned about. If this is the case, get it looked at as soon as possible.


Secondly, if you notice that there is rust inside the exhaust you should get it looked at. Slight exhaust corrosion is to be expected, but if there is excessive rust inside the exhaust then it may be time to consider a repair.

Fuel Inefficiency

If the fuel in your car carries you less distance than it used to, then you may require exhaust repairs. Problems with your exhaust will begin to impact the overall performance of your car and reduce acceleration. When your power suffers, so too will your fuel efficiency as a result. As your car needs to work harder with a broken exhaust, you will also use more fuel.

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