Five Unusual Upcycling Projects with Old Car Tyres


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So, you’ve finally gotten around to replacing your car’s worn out wheels with a brand new set; brilliant! Yet, before you jump in the car and take your new tyres out for a spin, have you taken some time to consider what you’re going to do with your old ones? Car tyres are bulky and potentially irritating to get rid of, but you’ll need to do something with them at some point.

Most people’s first thought would likely be to take your old tyres down to the local recycling centre and chuck them, however, it’s not uncommon for councils to turn down or impose a limit on how many tyres you can hand in; you could have to pay a charge for the trouble as well. Failing this, you might simply let them collect dust in your garage.

But let’s be honest, neither of these options are particularly appealing so why not put those old tyres to good use? People around the globe are finding new and unusual ways to reuse and recycle their wheels, from the pragmatic to the artistic. So, if you’re feeling particularly crafty and want to give your old tyres a new lease of life, check out these five amazing tyre upcycling ideas.

The importance of recycling second hand tyres

A lot of materials go into making not just your wheels but the whole of your vehicle and you’d be surprised as to how much of it can be repurposed or recycled. Yet, you might be wondering why recycling your tyres is so important. Sadly, tyres can actually be extremely detrimental to both people and the wider environment. Tyres are filled with toxic materials that, if left to their own devices, can leach into the surrounding ground and create issues for local plants and wildlife. Also, when a tyre burns, these toxic materials enter the atmosphere and can pose a significant risk to communities in the area.

A prime example of this can be seen back in 2016 when what was thought to be the largest tyre dump in Europe caught fire in Southern Spain. The gases released from the blaze became so deadly, the government triggered an evacuation of over 9,000 people from the surrounding area.

Aside from the health concerns, not dealing with your tyres properly could lead to costly legal action. If you’re caught dumping tyres, you could land yourself with a hefty fine or even jail time. As you can see, keeping on top of how we dispose our tyres is extremely important. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful or boring, especially with the ideas we’ve put together below.

Cheap tyres can make sturdy furniture

When it comes to quality furniture materials, an old tyre might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with a bit of ingenuity, the humble tyre can be a great looking centrepiece in your home. For example, why not create a sturdy coffee table from two tyres? Simply give them a shine, stick them together and place a flat material of your choice cut to size to act as the table. It can also double up as a handy storage space, making it doubly useful!

If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, there are countless guides online to help you make a tyre chair. Easily scalable depending on the size of tyres available, many guides only require two old wheels, a few tools and a little bit of creativity. We found this how-to guide to help you get started, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Perfect for the great outdoors

If you’d rather not have a set of old tyres laying around inside your home, why not put them in the garden instead? As vulcanised rubber is an extremely robust material, it can easily weather the outdoors and with a little bit of imagination, can be put to great use. If you’re passionate about your gardening, old tyres can be extremely useful as planters. Simply cut off the top rim of your tyre and fill it with oxygenated soil and voila, you have a cheap planter ready to go. You can also consider painting or decorating the outside of the tire so that it fits into your garden’s aesthetic. For smaller gardens, why not consider cutting the tyres into hanging planters?

If you have kids, tyres present a host of opportunities for fun. There is of course the iconic tyre swing, found in gardens up and down the country. If you’ve got rope, a tyre and a sturdy tree then this can be a great addition to any home. However, there are other ideas you could consider if you’ve got the time. If you have a few tyres you need to get rid of, turning them into a mini assault course or climbing frame could save you money on expensive play equipment.

Getting artistic

With the right eye and talent, art can be created with whatever is in reach and this is no different with tyres. Many artists around the world are finding that this robust material is an amazing tool to create beautiful pieces of art. The Korean sculptor Yong Ho Ji is famed for his awe-inspiring animal creations made entirely from recycled car tyres, with many being reminiscent of science-fiction monsters and aliens.

Amadou Fatoumata Ba, another artist who works with rubber has found considerable fame through his sculptures, with some of his work being displayed at the biennial arts festival in Dakar. Whilst it may be a bit of a stretch to create giant sculptures from your old tyres, it could be worth considering how you could modify them artistically at home.

The charitable option

Of course, there may be people who could find particular use for your tyres in ways that you may not have ever realised. For example, some sports teams use tyres for strength and endurance training, meaning that they may be on the lookout for spares. Also, schools have been known to source old tyres for outdoor play areas so it’s always good to check.

Whatever the case, put the feelers out in the local community, you may be surprised as to who could put your old tyres to good use.

Rubber homes

While it’s unlikely you have so many tyres laying around you could build a house out of them, the fact that these old wheels are being repurposed in such a positive way is interesting nonetheless. Known as Earthships, these homes are built from a variety of recycled materials including a large amount of recycled car tyres.

Although a relatively new phenomenon, there are currently earthship homes made from car tyres in New Mexico that are still standing strong after 30 years, meaning they could become a more popular building material in the future.

Getting rid of tyres and auto parts the easy way with As New Auto Recyclers

Tyres can be used for a great many things, from coffee tables to sculptures, yet, if you’re not feeling like turning your old wheels into a set of planters for your garden or a chair for your lounge, there’s always the infinitely easier option of heading to a company like As New Auto Recyclers.

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