The Importance of the Auto-Recycling Industry


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As New Auto Recyclers • Mar 26, 2020

If you’ve had your vehicle for a long time, it’s not unusual for it to begin showing signs of its age. Sometimes, these issues can be rectified with a trip to the garage or swapping in a quality spare part from a licenced supplier. On the other hand, there will come a time when the fixes just aren’t worth the time and effort. 

Your next choice is to get rid of your old vehicle, with the usual option being via a scrap yard. These companies play a huge role in the life cycles of our vehicles, yet you may not realise how important the industry as a whole is. With this in mind, let’s take a look at why auto recycling is essential.

Environmentally friendly

Of course, the most important reason to recycle your vehicle is to help do your bit for the environment. A huge amount of energy and resources goes into making a vehicle, all of which contributes to the big issue of global warming.
By recycling your old car, van or bike, however, you’re reducing the need for more resources, meaning less energy is used when producing the next generation of vehicles. A great example of this is the Nissan Leaf, a car made up of 25% worth of recycled materials.

Repurposed materials

A lot of materials go into making a new car, from glass and plastic to metal and rubber, a lot of which is recyclable. In fact, around 98% your average vehicle can be repurposed into something new and a lot of it isn’t just used for new cars.
Old tyres have been used for everything from car mats to new roads, while the glass can be transformed into fibreglass insulation and even new glass bottles.

Spare parts

Although you might not have any use for your old vehicle and its parts, there might be someone who can really benefit from a component in your vehicle. By recycling your car, you’re putting it into the spare part market, where people can get quality components second-hand at a cut-down price.
This also takes the pressure off of consistently building new components which, in turn, helps the environment, making it a win/win!

Get a great quote on your old vehicle at As New Auto Recyclers

As you can see, getting rid of your old vehicle is an important part of protecting the environment and investing in the circular economy – it’s a great way to make some extra cash. If you’re looking to scrap your car, van, bike or anything in between, get in touch with As New Auto Recyclers today.
Offering great prices to customers throughout the North East, you can rest assured we’ll put your vehicle to the best possible use. Get in touch today for a same day payout or visit our website to learn more. 

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