Four Ways To Keep Your Tyres in Good Condition


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As New Auto Recyclers • Apr 27, 2020

The tyres on your car are some of the most important features of your vehicle. It’s vital that your tyres are kept in excellent condition to ensure that you remain safe on the road at all times. If left to get damaged, you could find yourself in serious trouble. To give you a helping hand, we’ve created a guide on how to keep your tyres in the best condition possible.

Regularly Check Tyre Pressure One of the best ways you can ensure that your tyres are kept in good condition is to have the pressure checked regularly. Before you go on a long drive, have the tyre pressure checked at a petrol station first. Either having too much or too little pressure can have an impact on your car’s steering, braking, fuel consumption and how much wear and tear will be inflicted. 
Ensure Tyres Are Properly Aligned If your car tyres are misaligned, then it’s likely that you will experience tyre wear on one side of the tyre more than the other. If the tyre wear is happening on the inside edge of the tyre, you might not notice the damage until it’s too late and you experience a blowout. If you’re on the motorway when this happens, it could be life-threatening.
Don’t Overload Your Vehicle Whether you’re packing your car for the holidays or you drive a commercial van, it’s critical that you do not overload your vehicle. This can cause excessive wear on the tyre and could even blow up the tyre in extreme circumstances.
Drive Carefully Finally, simply keeping to good driving habits will reduce wear and tear on your tyres. Driving smoothly, by avoiding excessive braking and acceleration, 
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